Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I'm gearing up to lead a SoulCollage® workshop this weekend. This weekend we will be covering guides and inner guidance. This week in preparation for this weekends course I have been looking out for Animal guides and chakra colors. Last week I was sitting with my friend Michelle discussing the new eCourse I'm working on and we were so excited talking about ideas and what we might want to offer and all of a sudden a Possum walked right out of the woods and up to my car on the drivers side. I was preparing for it to jump on the car but it just sat there. Looking at me when it was done it turned around and returned to the woods.

I looked up Possum Totems and here is what they said

The possum is the deviation expert in the animal kingdom. Working under the cover of the night possums movements are secretive and mysterious The possum teaches us to use one's intellect and intuition to find the way out of tricky situations. An attacker loses interest if the victim appears indifferent and uninjured. Possum people are great strategists and protectors. They are not phased by superiority and will calculate to confuse or surprise opponents."
Goddess Realm

So that is what we are going to work on on Saturday, creating SoulCollage®
cards for Animal energies that may surround you and Chakra energies that you may be attracted to.

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