Sunday, May 8, 2016

Creativity is my happy place...

My creative process is all about JOY. When  I'm in a low mood, finding my way to paints, pens and ink...lifts my spirit. 
I experience JOY from the moment I begin to prepare for the creative process. 

I start by switching in to clothes that allow me to move and get messy. (It's usually a pair of yoga pants and a tank top so my arms are free to move).  Then I pin up my hair in a bun and remove all jewelry. 

Next, it's time to turn on some music (check out my playlist on Spotify).  I have a few playlists to match my mood, this one is my starting point. Depending on my mood I may switch to another playlist or design a new playlist to match my mood. Music is key for me.

Depending on my mood I may light candles or incense to change the energy of the space. My favorite incense is Nag Champa or Bukhoor. 

Then it's time to pick my supplies by searching through drawers full of inspiration in my studio. 

I begin to create in my art journal by slapping paint on pages until I feel inspired to do the next thing. I usually have a few projects going to I can flow creatively without having to wait for a page to dry fully. I might work in 2 journals or move between journaling, writing this blog and searching for inspiration online. I'm look for a creative spark, a color, a phrase, an image to move me to the next creative action. 

That process continues until I feel expressed, empty ... or something in my life pulls me away from my studio. (like life :)) 

When I can ride that's bliss. I never want it to end. I'm completely in the zone. I am completely free in my expression. I am the most alive in those moments. 

What is your process for preparing for creativity?

Juicy Soul Retreat - June 26th 2016

Sunday, June 26, 2016

11am - 5pm 

A Work of HeartSan Jose, California

We want to encourage you to make a date with yourself to nurture your creative spirit. The Juicy Soul Retreat is an afternoon of pure creative bliss. We will be showing you techniques that will inspire you to create in your journals and express yourself creatively on every glorious page.  You can begin a new journal or you can continue to build in one of your existing journals. The choice is yours. Our intention is that you spend time in your journal, get inspired to create on a regular basis and explore  techniques that will bring out your unique creative expression.

This retreat is for beginners and savvy journal artists.


Retreat Schedule:

Juicy Journaling Techniques

Big tables, tons of art supplies...What could be more fun! You will learn some amazing techniques to turn flat blank journals in to juicy journals for your words, poetry, collage, photos, lists, mantras, ideas, songs, prayers, intentions, stories, notes, and dreams.

Living in Your Journals:
Spilling open and celebrating your life through journaling

In this part of the retreat you will discover the wonderful world of fonts, journal page frames, images and story windows. You will be guided through the journaling process to begin to design a focus for your journal. You will explore the variety of tools available to you to support you in journaling your ideas, dreams, victories, stories, experiences when the creative muse appears in your path. We will explore the variety of fonts, letters and methods of capturing words on a page. We will also give you a chance to  journal with the assistance of journaling prompts and ideas for topics to explore in your pages.

Juicy Journaling Studio
Self Guided time to experiment and play

In this part of the retreat you will have all the basic techniques and you will be ready to combine and layer techniques to express yourself creatively. We will act as muses for your creative process by supporting you in your process. You'll spend time in community continuing to turn your flat blank journals in to juicy journals for your words, poetry, collage, photos, lists, mantras, ideas, songs, prayers, intentions, stories, notes, and dreams. This is your time to use all the techniques you've learned to create your journal, experiment with colors and try different supplies.
What to Bring:
  • Journal  
  • Lunch 
  • Favorite Art Supplies and Images (optional)

See what it's like to attend?:


More Photos:
Juicy Soul Retreat Photos on Flickr 

    Registration: $120 , After 6/21/2016: $125