Monday, March 28, 2011

Bits of beauty ...

The light was coming in my kitchen window and shining on my beautiful roses and a special stone.  I started buying flowers for myself when I was in graduate school. At the time I was miles away  from home and  feeling a bit like a fish out of water.  I would buy flowers each week or so and place then in a cup in my dorm room. Seeing those flowers on my desk made my little space feel like home. It brought me so much comfort.

To this day I associate flowers with a sense of home peace, beauty and comfort.

So may today be filled with peace, beauty and comfort .

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Juicy Soul Retreat - Sunday, June 12th

Juicy Soul Retreat
Sunday, June 12 2011

11 - 5pm
San Jose, Ca

With Andrea & Julie

The Juicy Soul Retreat is an afternoon of journaling and creative play. We will be teaching you how to live and create in your journals as your own personal studio for creative expression.  You can begin a new journal or you can continue to build in one of your existing journals. The choice is yours. Our intention is that you spend time in your journal with paints, textures and words and revisit the bliss of journaling through art.  You will learn techniques for creating backgrounds, color pages, and share your experiences in the pages of your journal.


Juicy Journaling Techniques
Big tables, tons of art supplies...What could be more fun! You will learn some amazing techniques to turn flat blank journals in to juicy journals for your words, poetry, collage, photos, lists, mantras, ideas, songs, prayers, intentions, stories, notes, and dreams. Bring a journal of your choosing.

Living in Your Journals:
Spilling open and celebrating your life through journaling

You will discover the wonderful world of fonts, journal page frames, images and story windows. You will be guided through the journaling process to begin to design a focus for your journal. You will explore the variety of tools available to you to support you in journaling your ideas, dreams, stories, experiences when the creative muse appears in your path. We will explore the variety of fonts, letters and methods of capturing words on a page. We will also give you a chance to  journey with words, frames for your words and given journaling prompts and ideas for topics you might explore in your journal pages.

Juicy Journaling Studio
Self Guided time to experiment and play
You will continue to tell your own stories in your journal using the techniques you have learned in the early part of the workshop.  We will act as muses for your creative process and offer the space you have been craving to create on big tables with tons of art supplies and friends to play with...What could be more fun! Spend time in community turning your flat blank journals in to juicy journals for your stories and dreams.
Registration: $85, After 6/05/2011: $95

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Juicy Soul Retreat - Sunday, March 13th in San Jose, California

I am so excited about preparing to lead our next  Juicy Soul Retreat! Andrea and I have been living in our juicy journals all year. We both started creating in great big journals that have 1000+ pages. They are HUGE. It's been a real challenge to be creative on 1000+ of pages but I have been lovin' the process. I have no idea where the journey is taking me but I can tell you I am learning a lot of new ways to cover pages and add textures.

My creative resolution for 2011 was to create more time to be creative. My journal has become my new creative workshop. I can experiment and play to my hearts content. It's the one place I know I can color outside the lines and be free. This journal is for me and the more time I spend creating in my journal the more joy I feel. That spills over on to everyone I come in contact with.

Join us for the Juicy Soul Retreat if you are craving an experience of discovering your own creative space in the pages of your very own journal. If you have been looking for some inspiration to move back into your journals and create...then Juicy Soul Retreat is the place to be.

Our next session is Sunday, March 13th in San Jose