Monday, September 20, 2010

My Handmade Harvest Creations

The Handmade Harvest Gift Boutique is just around the corner and I have been enjoying the process of creating items to offer for sale. A year ago the teachers of A Work of Heart had the idea to have an event to challenge our own creative vision and inspire us. Ultimately it would inspire the creation of new classes or a new approach to classes we already teach. We created the boutique to challenge ourselves and give us a chance to celebrate with the community. 

I have been inspired to create for the boutique for some time, but I had no idea what I would create until Labor Day weekend.  Over the Labor Day holiday I went back east to visit family. During one of my layovers I went into a little gift shop to browse. I was inspired by an image in a magazine of a bag made from newspaper.  That gave me a great idea...What if I created bags from my journal pages? I was so excited by the idea I dreamed up a plan on the plane ride home.

I few days later I was in my home studio with big sheets of paper, paints, stamps, inks, markers, tape, and images. I had a blast listening to my favorite tunes and making big sheets of collage pages for my bags. 

So far I have 2 completed bags and I'm working on 3 more for the boutique. I'm in the "zone" and I love it.  I'm not sure what I'm charging for these beauties but they are soo cute I want them to all find a good home with someone who will love them and use them.

~ Julie

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Meet and Greet: Handmade Harvest Gift Boutique - September 25 - 26

Saturday, September 25 - Sunday, September 26th

Join me and all the art teachers at A Work of Heart  for a Handmade Harvest gift boutique. We have all been so inspired by the classes we offer and our students that once a year we offer our creations for purchase at A Work of Heart studio. This is a great time to stop by and meet everyone, visit the studio, learn about our classes and buy a few items before the holiday rush.

I'll be creating some items to support you in your creative journaling process. I'm still dreaming up ideas but the process has been really fun.
For more information visit

Friday, September 10, 2010

Project 365

To spark my fall creative spirit I started a project called "Project 365". The goal is to take a photo a day and see what images show up over time. I've been working on it a few months secretly so just in case I wanted to quit nobody would know. I was chicken :) But I've been at it long enough and have learned so much in the process I can declare myself in the project now.   I carry my camera every where I go already so its been easy to get photos on a regular basis. The trick for me has been posting them and organizing them. I also notice I've been struggling to take photos that are both beautiful and tell a story. I'm still working at it. Thats the beauty of a project. It pushes you to learn and grow in new areas.

So I'm learning how I view the world through my photography. Now that I have listed them on flickr I can start to see patterns and themes. Its kind of nice to see what shows up after everything is organized.

If you want to start your own 365 Project here are the details.
If you want to follow my progress (maybe we can inspire each other), here is my link on flickr:
The Red Dragonfly Project 365 on Flickr