Friday, September 10, 2010

Project 365

To spark my fall creative spirit I started a project called "Project 365". The goal is to take a photo a day and see what images show up over time. I've been working on it a few months secretly so just in case I wanted to quit nobody would know. I was chicken :) But I've been at it long enough and have learned so much in the process I can declare myself in the project now.   I carry my camera every where I go already so its been easy to get photos on a regular basis. The trick for me has been posting them and organizing them. I also notice I've been struggling to take photos that are both beautiful and tell a story. I'm still working at it. Thats the beauty of a project. It pushes you to learn and grow in new areas.

So I'm learning how I view the world through my photography. Now that I have listed them on flickr I can start to see patterns and themes. Its kind of nice to see what shows up after everything is organized.

If you want to start your own 365 Project here are the details.
If you want to follow my progress (maybe we can inspire each other), here is my link on flickr:
The Red Dragonfly Project 365 on Flickr

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