Sunday, August 23, 2009

Use Your Stuff!

Use Your Stuff!

I love shopping for art supplies and I love organizing them...but lately I have noticed a steady accumulation of supplies. I have drawers of paper, jars of pens, baskets filled with magazines and stamps. Tons and tons of stuff to make things.

In SoulCollageR I offer each participant the opportunity to create and notice the impulses that move them...I create a space for others each month and I practice this in my life as well. Today I noticed how I was saving some little sparkle-button-thing for a "special occasion". It was in that moment that I noticed...What is more special than now. So I used it...glued it to the bow on a gift I will be taking to a friend tomorrow. It looks beautiful.

I was saving that thing for who knows had been there a year. I admired it for a year and never used it. Letting it go...using it ... I freed me up and the creativity flowed. I found myself making a card for the gift with scrap paper from the gift wrapping. I found beautiful ribbon to decorate the gift that I was also saving. I used my stuff and I love both the gifts...I'm excited to give the gifts and I am proud of the presentation.

So I say all that to say...Use your stuff! Use your markers...use your pens...and use that fancy paper ...use what ever you have been saving. Consider that today is "someday"...let it go and enjoy it

Peace and Love

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Red Dragonfly on Facebook

The Red Dragonfly is on Facebook! Andrea and I have been meeting to be creative journalling around ideas for our business and what we want to offer you. I'm always looking for new ideas that inspire me and then I want to share it. What I have been missing is the sense of constant community. I see you once a month in class and I might hear from you on my blog from time to time but that's it...crickets! I get inspired by you and I learn so much about what you need and what I can offer to support you in your journey.

Well we came up with an idea we are going to try...Facebook of The Red Dragonfly. I just created a space on Facebook for us to keep in touch and so I can see what you are creating. This (like many things I do from time to time) is and experiment. Since I offer classes monthly, it doesn't provide much time for me to hear about all your accomplishments and victories. This will give us a chance to connect and share cards and insights along the way.

Join me on Facebook!

The Red Dragonfly on Facebook

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Celebrating with friends

One of the most powerful impacts of creating SoulCollage® cards is learning what is important to me. Sometimes I pull from my cards and journal. New ideas always come...from time to time deep insight will come...but what I really get is quiet time to see what really matters to me. What I have seen in the last few weeks is how friends and family ...are a big part of my joy. Each month for 7 years a group of my girl friends and I get together to relax, chat and just enjoy each other. Over the years each gathering has turned in to a big event. When we host it at my house, I always enjoy going all out to prepare a wonderful meal and buy little gifts and surprises for my guests. It has been a way of me to express my gratitude for these women in my life.

This week in our monthly SoulCollage® class we will be exploring gratitude and the expression of gratitude. How do you like to be acknowledged by others and what do you like to do to acknowledge people in your life. My intention is that you get connected to the wonderful people in your life who are supporting you now and that you take some time this month to acknowledge them for the contribution they are to you. I would love to hear how that goes...what opens up and my surprises that my have come from expressing gratitude.

Join us for SoulCollage® in Willow Glen on August 9th.

Hope to see you there!