Friday, August 24, 2012

North Carolina Art Scene: The Scrap Exchange

I started this practice, many years ago, of visiting art supply shops in new cities I visited. This week I was in North Carolina on business and visiting my parents. Before I caught my flight back to the Bay Area, I made plans to visit a few art supply places. The coolest place I found was The Scrap Exchange. It's an entire warehouse of odds and ends to be used in art projects. There are bins and racks filled with maps, bottles, stickers, ribbon, fabric, books, and doll parts ( just to name a few). It's an amazing find. I got a big roll of white 4x5 stickers (maybe 1000+ stickers), ribbon, and handfuls of black and white photos for $6. 

There is also class room space and workshops happening every week. This was a really cool place and I can't wait to use the things I purchased in my next art project!

~ Julie

Monday, August 20, 2012

Introducing DEXTER the magic dog...

Source: via Julie on Pinterest

We have a new fur baby...Dexter.  I've been looking for the right fur baby to join our family for a few years. Recently we went to the Santa Cruz ASPCA to check out little dogs and on the way out...dexter jumped up to say Hi! He was just coming in from the Santa Cruz Animal Control office. Someone found him roaming the streets in Santa Cruz and no one claimed him for a month. 

Those dark eyes got me at hello and It was love at first sight. They were about to close the office for the day, so we could only take him on a short walk and then return 2 days later to officially adopt him. 

This little guy is magical...I cannot imagine how he got to the shelter in the first place. He's already house trained, knows a few tricks and loves to cuddle while we watch TV.  He is pure love. 

I'll let you in on something....I was NOT a dog person until Dexter. I am now officially the crazy dog lady. He has lots of toys and dog beds. He's got every little treat his heart desires. He even sleeps with us (which I said he'd never do).

So get ready to an abundance of puppy stories, art and photos.  I'm not allowed to put clothes on him so you are safe from seeing that...but there will be cool collars in his future. 

So all you pet people out there...there is a new pet lady in town...share your tips, websites, cool dog stuff, pet events....etc.