Monday, November 29, 2010

Inspiration and Micro Movements

This is the time of year where Andrea and I start dreaming up classes and formats for 2011. We are planning a great weekend soon to the mountains to plan. I have been writing out lists and coming up with ideas to spark our creative process and get the planning going. I like this part...the dreaming up part and the planning how to make the dream real.

When I do my yearly planning, I start by searching for inspiration. I find the most inspiration from my art magazines.  I love all the magazines from Somerset Studios. I particularly like Artful Blogging, Somerset Life, Where Women Create and Somerset Studio. I have a big stack of them that I collect through out the year.  When the time is right , I find a quiet place and a cup of coffee and read. I make notes in my journal. I mark pages I want to go back to with sticky notes.

When my ideas are ripe and ready for discussion, I call friends who inspire me. We talk about our dreams and ideas. We help each other flush out our thoughts. We make promises to each other to take a tiny step...a "micro movement" in the direction of our goal. Over time those "micro movements" add up and I'll have a new/revised class or a group of great photographs.

We created the Juicy Soul Retreat in that way and over the last 2 years it was grown and evolved with mirco movements.

What could you create it you allowed yourself to make "micro-movements" in the direction of your dreams? What is a "micro-movemement" you could take today?

Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

I hope you all are enjoying family and friends this holiday weekend. I have been making it a practice to bring my creativity to my holiday celebrations. I had a great time decorating my holiday table for our guests and making yummy desserts. I made an apple pie and a pumpkin pie...I haven't made an Apple Pie since grade school! It was fun to create in the kitchen.

How did you celebrate your holiday?

Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekly Challenge: Picture your Holiday


Capture your holiday in images

This Week:
 A few months ago I started a 365 project. I took a photo everyday (give or take a day) and listed them on flickr. Over the past few months I have captured images with my cell phone camera and my regular camera. The result so far have been really eye opening. I can see patterns in my choices of images. I see threads of similarities in my color choices. I am enjoying the process. So this holiday I will have images from the holiday to tell that story too.

So I invite you to join me in the process of capturing images of your holiday in your own creative way. If you take on this challenge this week you will have a new creative experience that may bring new life to how you celebrate the season.

If you would like to follow my journey visit The Red Dragonfly 365 Project

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Weekly Challenge: Bring your creativity to life for the Holidays


Bring your creativity to life for the Holidays

This Week:
The holidays are just around the corner. In recent years I have gotten excited about decorating for the Holidays. This year I want to make sure I bring my own creative expression to my holiday decorations.  We will be entertaining alot this holiday and I want to create a memorable event for my friends and family. I have been thinking of practical ways to decorate and I was inspired on my walk today to incorporate nature into my holiday decorations. I collected pine cones and took photos of berries to decorate my home. The ideas are still forming but I have a direction that is inspiring me to search for more.  Its going to be a DIY holiday this year and I'm excited to bring my creativity to life in my home.

So this week, Think about how you might bring your own creative expression to your holiday. Maybe you will make your holiday cards or stamp rolls of paper to wrap gifts or maybe you will make a garland from photo copies of your journal pages. The ideas are endless.

For ideas check out ETSY Homemade Holiday Ideas

Here are a few cute Ideas
Sparkle Candles
Seasons Greetings Banner
Paper Wreaths
Party Crackers

Books with Ideas::

Best of Christmas Ideas (Better Homes & Gardens Crafts)Somerset Holiday & Celebrations Magazine (100+ Holiday Ideas, vol. 4 2010)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekly Challenge: Change your music and change your experience of life...

Change your music and change your experience of life...

Today I was turned on to a new song from Alain Clark. His music is only available in europe so I had to listen to the video over and over. I love this song. It makes me happy. The video reminds me of the time I spent in Europe with friends years ago. I love all the people making hearts with their hands. The tune is so happy it makes me want to dance.

Years ago I started creating theme music for work and trips. I think its a result of an overactive imagination and too much television but I love the idea of creating theme music for events in my life. I listen to uplifting music on the way to work. I listen to calming music on the way to get my spa treatments.  I guess I try to make the most of things by extending the experience with music.

When is the last time you changed the music in your car, home or in your ipod. It might be time to create a new playlist for your iPod or switch out the old CD's in your car. Maybe its time to hang out at a music store listening to some new tunes. Music can put a fresh perspective on your life and shift your experience so new miracles come into view.

This week change the music you listen to and see what new experiences come into your life this week.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Weekly Challenge: Planning for a Peaceful Holiday

The Holidays are just around the corner. Take some time to plan your holidays. Not just what you will be doing with others but what you will be doing for yourself. I love New Year's and every year we plan what to do after everything else and find ourselves calling B&Bs and hotels for hours trying to find the perfect spot. This week we started planning New Year's. Those reservations will be made this week and that will be one stresser off the list.  Look this week to see what you can do to set up a wonderful holiday season.  Maybe its planning to have a cleaning crew come to clean the house, planning your holiday menue, shopping for holiday attire. What ever will bring you peace during the holidays is worth your time now.

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Monday, November 1, 2010