Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekly Challenge: Change your music and change your experience of life...

Change your music and change your experience of life...

Today I was turned on to a new song from Alain Clark. His music is only available in europe so I had to listen to the video over and over. I love this song. It makes me happy. The video reminds me of the time I spent in Europe with friends years ago. I love all the people making hearts with their hands. The tune is so happy it makes me want to dance.

Years ago I started creating theme music for work and trips. I think its a result of an overactive imagination and too much television but I love the idea of creating theme music for events in my life. I listen to uplifting music on the way to work. I listen to calming music on the way to get my spa treatments.  I guess I try to make the most of things by extending the experience with music.

When is the last time you changed the music in your car, home or in your ipod. It might be time to create a new playlist for your iPod or switch out the old CD's in your car. Maybe its time to hang out at a music store listening to some new tunes. Music can put a fresh perspective on your life and shift your experience so new miracles come into view.

This week change the music you listen to and see what new experiences come into your life this week.

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  1. I am not sure I hit send or cancel...what did I say? Something like 'I told my therapist that I would know when I was feeling better when music excited me again'...there is hope--I bought a Bose Wave and smile every time I hear this woman sing:

  2. Thanks Teri for sharing the music of Ana Moura. Her music is very passionate. Thanks for sharing.


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