My Studio

My Dad helped me create my first studio ...

When I was a kid, my dad created a studio for me in the corner of our basement laundry room. He found an old drop leaf table, that was thick with dark green paint, and a goose neck lamp and wooden chair.  He gave me my first set of supplies...oil paints, canvases, a big pad of news print paper and some charcoal pencils.  He even found a small radio to place on a shelf above my desk.  

He set me up with a perfect place to create ... and then he gave me the freedom to be in the space alone to create.

Such a beautiful gesture ... he created the space and allowed me to just be with my thoughts.

My dad is still that guy. The guy that gives you what you need, and gives you the space to be the highest expression of yourself, your most creative and authentic self! 

My current studio ...

Over the years my studio space has been as small as a box of art supplies and as large as a 1500 sq foot studio space. After trying all different forms of studio spaces I opted for the at home studio version. Having a variety of studio spaces taught me alot about my creative process. I like to experiment with art supplies without interruption and I often like to create at night. So I need a home studio and a space away from home to create.

I have a few places out side of my home where I like to create. I create at  A Work of Heart Studio and coffee shops with a view of nature or water.  To get out and about, a portion of my studio has become portable. I can take my favorite art supplies on the road and create anywhere I like.

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