Saturday, November 26, 2011

I see you and you matter to me ...

I really enjoy listening to something inspirational in the morning. I sometimes I put on some up lifting music in my car to set the mood for the day. I even have a few play lists I've created for different kinds of moods...relaxing, inspirational, excitement, joy. Recently I have added listening to retrospectives of past Oprah shows on the XM radio. Each morning there is some inspiring interview with an author or interesting topic to think about. It's amazing how each morning I get a little nugget of information that I can incorporate in to my day.

Last week there were lots of discussions around the power of appreciation and acknowledgement. It inspired me to create in my journal and gave me time to reflect about the role of acknowledgement in my life. It has been powerful to acknowledge others when they make a difference in my life. It has also been really interesting to allow myself to receive acknowledgement...and not brush it off...but really let it in.

It's an amazing practice and journaling has really given me a place to really integrate the experience.

Monday, November 21, 2011

2012 Workshop schedule planning

It's a good thing ... to have friends that share your vision, get excited with you and help you plan  the future.

It's a good thing ... when you can laugh until your belly hurts and tears roll down your cheeks.

It's a good thing ... when you can be in silence with another and break the silence at just the right time to share a new discovery or idea.

It's a good thing ... when you can enjoy the simple pleasures of life with others : the taste of hot mint tea. The amazing fragrance of ylang ylang lotion. A night walk under the stars.

It's a good thing... when you can sit in the cold night air and dream of ways to share your gifts with the people you love in support of them living creative, happy and fulfilled  lives (and those people include you too)

It's a good thing... when you find a friend that becomes your sister friend

It's a good thing to plan 2012 workshop schedule with Andrea at Chamenade in Santa Cruz Mountains. We have lots to share in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Creative Indulgences in Las Vegas

One of my favorite places to visit is Las Vegas. Not just for the fun night life but for all the over the top things to see. Las Vegas does luxury like no other. I really feel like I can unwind in Vegas. This is the entry way of a Spa at the new Cosmopolitan hotel. The entry way is just the beginning of one of the most spectacular spas I've ever visited. I had a hot stone massage that was amazing! These little indulgences are amazing for my creative spirit!