Monday, November 29, 2010

Inspiration and Micro Movements

This is the time of year where Andrea and I start dreaming up classes and formats for 2011. We are planning a great weekend soon to the mountains to plan. I have been writing out lists and coming up with ideas to spark our creative process and get the planning going. I like this part...the dreaming up part and the planning how to make the dream real.

When I do my yearly planning, I start by searching for inspiration. I find the most inspiration from my art magazines.  I love all the magazines from Somerset Studios. I particularly like Artful Blogging, Somerset Life, Where Women Create and Somerset Studio. I have a big stack of them that I collect through out the year.  When the time is right , I find a quiet place and a cup of coffee and read. I make notes in my journal. I mark pages I want to go back to with sticky notes.

When my ideas are ripe and ready for discussion, I call friends who inspire me. We talk about our dreams and ideas. We help each other flush out our thoughts. We make promises to each other to take a tiny step...a "micro movement" in the direction of our goal. Over time those "micro movements" add up and I'll have a new/revised class or a group of great photographs.

We created the Juicy Soul Retreat in that way and over the last 2 years it was grown and evolved with mirco movements.

What could you create it you allowed yourself to make "micro-movements" in the direction of your dreams? What is a "micro-movemement" you could take today?

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