Sunday, August 23, 2009

Use Your Stuff!

Use Your Stuff!

I love shopping for art supplies and I love organizing them...but lately I have noticed a steady accumulation of supplies. I have drawers of paper, jars of pens, baskets filled with magazines and stamps. Tons and tons of stuff to make things.

In SoulCollageR I offer each participant the opportunity to create and notice the impulses that move them...I create a space for others each month and I practice this in my life as well. Today I noticed how I was saving some little sparkle-button-thing for a "special occasion". It was in that moment that I noticed...What is more special than now. So I used it...glued it to the bow on a gift I will be taking to a friend tomorrow. It looks beautiful.

I was saving that thing for who knows had been there a year. I admired it for a year and never used it. Letting it go...using it ... I freed me up and the creativity flowed. I found myself making a card for the gift with scrap paper from the gift wrapping. I found beautiful ribbon to decorate the gift that I was also saving. I used my stuff and I love both the gifts...I'm excited to give the gifts and I am proud of the presentation.

So I say all that to say...Use your stuff! Use your markers...use your pens...and use that fancy paper ...use what ever you have been saving. Consider that today is "someday"...let it go and enjoy it

Peace and Love

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