Monday, August 10, 2009

The Red Dragonfly on Facebook

The Red Dragonfly is on Facebook! Andrea and I have been meeting to be creative journalling around ideas for our business and what we want to offer you. I'm always looking for new ideas that inspire me and then I want to share it. What I have been missing is the sense of constant community. I see you once a month in class and I might hear from you on my blog from time to time but that's it...crickets! I get inspired by you and I learn so much about what you need and what I can offer to support you in your journey.

Well we came up with an idea we are going to try...Facebook of The Red Dragonfly. I just created a space on Facebook for us to keep in touch and so I can see what you are creating. This (like many things I do from time to time) is and experiment. Since I offer classes monthly, it doesn't provide much time for me to hear about all your accomplishments and victories. This will give us a chance to connect and share cards and insights along the way.

Join me on Facebook!

The Red Dragonfly on Facebook

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