Monday, September 20, 2010

My Handmade Harvest Creations

The Handmade Harvest Gift Boutique is just around the corner and I have been enjoying the process of creating items to offer for sale. A year ago the teachers of A Work of Heart had the idea to have an event to challenge our own creative vision and inspire us. Ultimately it would inspire the creation of new classes or a new approach to classes we already teach. We created the boutique to challenge ourselves and give us a chance to celebrate with the community. 

I have been inspired to create for the boutique for some time, but I had no idea what I would create until Labor Day weekend.  Over the Labor Day holiday I went back east to visit family. During one of my layovers I went into a little gift shop to browse. I was inspired by an image in a magazine of a bag made from newspaper.  That gave me a great idea...What if I created bags from my journal pages? I was so excited by the idea I dreamed up a plan on the plane ride home.

I few days later I was in my home studio with big sheets of paper, paints, stamps, inks, markers, tape, and images. I had a blast listening to my favorite tunes and making big sheets of collage pages for my bags. 

So far I have 2 completed bags and I'm working on 3 more for the boutique. I'm in the "zone" and I love it.  I'm not sure what I'm charging for these beauties but they are soo cute I want them to all find a good home with someone who will love them and use them.

~ Julie

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