Sunday, April 19, 2009

Find Your Power Place...

Being in nature is a powerfully meditative practice

A few weeks ago I found a beautiful grove of old eucalyptus trees in a forest near a friends house. We took a wonderful walk and I stood in the middle of a group of trees. The trees formed a complete circle and I stood there in the center feeling complete gratitude.

I have learned over many years that finding power places in nature really nurishes me. When I have visited these places, I leave feeling peaceful and refreshed. I usually take a bit of time before I return home to journal what ever is coming to my mind. Many times I get solutions I would never have seen before. Its great to clear my head in that way.

This week my challenge to you
Identify your power place. Where do you go to clear your mind and recharge your creative, spiritual and mental juices. (ie. book stores, libraries, mama's house, a park, etc)

Where is it?
What was it like to visit your power place?

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