Monday, September 14, 2009

Juicy Soul Retreat - Wonderful Experiences

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Thank you everyone
who attended our first Juicy Soul Retreat at A Work of Heart. It was a delightfully juicy event. Andrea and I met early today to prepare the studio, hug and giggle with delight over who would be attending. We put out an abundance of supplies and snacks. We lit candles and played music. Suddenly we were in this wonderful creative sanctuary. The studio was ready.

Then everyone came through the doors. Hugs and smiles where abundant. Connections began...introductions where shared and everyone found their special places to create. The retreat had begun.

In a few short hours the group created over 25 cards. We closed the morning with a journaling activity. Fragments of images started to take on new meaning. There was comfort. There was acceptance. There was a space for forgiveness, love and inspired action. The quiet reflection time was fruitful...insights where gathered and each participant got the opportunity to share with the group.

We closed with gratitude and everyone went away with a gift that will carry them to the next part of their journey. It was an honor and a privilege to be with everyone today. I learned alot for my own journey and I got to share something I love with you. Thank you! I look forward to see you at a future event.


  1. I really had a great time at the retreat. Thank you both for such a special day. I was so surprised and inspired by the cards I created, as a whole and individually. I remember you looking at me when all of us were sharing and you said that I looked ripe. You totally nailed it! I was bursting with excitement. I have been buying magazines and making soulcards everyday since the retreat. I have shared them with a handful of people who absolutely love them. My most memorable moment was when I was journaling about the one card that spoke loudest to me. I couldn't believe that there was a clear message from my being coming through the card. The card was a beautiful representation of who I know myself to be when I am sure and confident. I couldn't have asked for a greater gift to come out of the workshop. I now have this amazing soulcard to look at and remind myself what a solid, confident woman I am. I know that part of me so well and now I can see what it looks like as a piece of art. Thank you for the contribution you bring to my life. Love to you both.

  2. You have made my day, my week, my year! Ahhhh what an amazing delight to know that you have allowed the creative process of SoulCollage to release your ripe Juicy Spirit! You are someone who dives into life with both feet! I can't wait to see what amazing adventures you will find as a result of this creative expansion. I am honored and inspired!

  3. Hi Julie,
    I love your site and creative work! I was wondering when the next Juicy Retreat will be? I would love to attend!

    I blogged about you today...please take a look..

    Also, I would like to contact you regarding any insights you have about becoming a Creativity Coach. I'm starting a training program with Eric Maisel in February and would love to ask you a few questions regarding your evolution.

    May I email you? My email is

    happy creating!

  4. Thanks Zinnia for mentioning the Juicy Soul Retreat on your blog. I'd love to have you come to one of our next classes.

    Just check this link for the next class and see what works for you.


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