Thursday, July 15, 2010

Vision Boards - Sunday, July 18 2010

I'm getting ready to lead the Vision Boards Workshops on Sunday. I always try to finish my own Vision Board before I lead a workshop. It makes leading a lot more fun because I have some excitement around what I'm creating in my life and that seems to get the fires going in everyone. So if you are joining us on Sunday I'll show you where I am.

You might be asking yourself..."Your leading and you don't have a completed Vision Board?" The answer is ... I don't always have an active vision board going at all times. There are times when things are moving in all the magical ways I like and I am crystal clear from a previous board or journalling what I am focused on and excited about. Then there are times when I'm ready for a little boost and a fresh look from a new point of view.

I always start the process by pulling images. Lots and lots of images. I've been pulling pages from magazines on and off for the last month and setting them in a big pile in my studio. I almost have enough to begin to layout the images on my board.

In the vision board class i teach this weekend,  I will have tons of images that you can dig through until you have what you need for your boards. You can also pull images from your magazines at home and bring them with you to class. Some of you may find everything you need and be ready to assemble the board. Some of you will use the full time to collect images and may decide to assemble at home. What ever your process, it all works. I give you all the tools to create your vision board and complete it (in class or at home). I also give you some suggestions for things to do to keep your vision alive in the days and weeks after you complete your board.  At the end of class, you'll have everything you need to create a vision board and much more.

If you're have not registered for the class and you'd like to join us, you can register on the following page...

See you there!

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