Saturday, April 16, 2011

The BIG Juicy Journal

The BIG Juicy Journal

Andrea of A Work of Heart and I gave ourselves a challenge in live in a BIG Juicy Journal. These journals are REALLY big. It  is 13X11X3 with over 800 pages. It may take us a few years to fill all the pages but I can tell you the process has been amazing. There is something about having so many pages to work on that gives me the freedom to try new things.  I color as many pages as I can with color wash, then go back in and add words and images to the pages. Some pages I love and some I will cover with gesso and start over.  I have even ripped pages to re-purpose them for other pages. Its been so much fun.

Part of my journey will be to share what I create in the pages of my Big Juicy Journal in my workshops.  If you join us for any of our classes you will be able to see the progress in our journals first hand. If you are unable to join us for classes this year, I will be posting images on this blog from time to time. It's my hope that journaling will give me great new ideas to share in my classes and inspire you to live in your journals on a regular basis.

If you have started your own journal feel free to post the URL so we can all see what you are creating.

>> See the journal pages
>> View pages on Flickr

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