Saturday, October 15, 2011

Create Your Best Life Project

Create Your Best Life

The Create Your Best Life project is as community project I started in 2002.  I wanted a tool to help me reflect on my accomplishments and create the next step in my journey.  It started as a few key questions in a few different documents from many of the questions I gathered from workshops and questions that sprung up from my journaling practice. I ended up with so many questions I soon found the need to create an online tool. I shared the tool with friends and family and within a few months I  took the plunge to make it available to a broader audience on my website.  Since then 1000+ participants have completed this questionaire from around the world.  
Here is the most recent comment

 "I really thought that the process was easy once I got started. It made me take a look at my life and put things into perspective. I loved the read-back from the answers that I put in. I found this to be very helpful"

Echo, New York, NY

Create Your Best Life Questions 

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