Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Vision Boards and Idea Catchers - May 20, 2012

Vision Boards and Idea Catchers

Sunday, May 20, 2012
11:00 am - 1:30pm
$65/person ($75 after 5/16/2012)
A Work of Heart,
2196 Lincoln Avenue, San Jose, CA 95125

About the workshop

This workshop will provide a peaceful space to create your vision board for 2011. We will explore the role of vision boards in goal setting and discuss how journaling can support you in the process! I will guide you through a series of steps that I have learned over years of creating vision boards of my own.  You will be given time select images and create a vision board of your own.
I will also give you the opportunity to practice a valuable journaling process to help you capture any inspired ideas that might lead you to your goal. I call this process "Idea catching" and I will share with you the process of capturing your inspired actions in an "Idea Cather" or Idea journal.  This journal is unique in that it holds every wild idea, clue, phone number, map, quote that will lead you to your goal. These journals have been extremely powerful in capturing inspired actions that result from focusing on my vision boards and has lead me to solutions and surprising results.
With your Vision Board and Idea Catcher, you will have everything you need to creative fabulous year!

What to Bring?
Images (optional)
You will have time to pull images during the workshop, but for some people it takes time to find the right images. Feel free to collect images from magazines on your own and bring them to the workshop. Look for images that represent what you want to experience this year.

An Image of YOU
For the vision board you will need a photograph of you or an image of something that represents you for the collage. I suggest that you make a color copy of any images since we will be using them in the vision board.
Magazines to Share (optional)
Magazines will be provided for you to rip and tear. If you would like to bring magazines to share, please do!

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