Friday, January 20, 2012

Journaling on a Rainy Day

It's the weekend again. We are expecting storming cold and rainy weather this weekend. Time for hot coco, fuzzy sweaters and blankets.  I love staying indoors when it's cold outside. This has always been a great time to creating in my journal. When its gloomy outside I like to write in my journal. First its a few fun phrases. Then maybe an observation or three from my day.  From time to time I tell the story of a long lost memory.  It's good to write and tell stories in the pages of our journals. It's particularly good to write on pages covered in random color and texture. Each page calls for its own story.  I use the entire page and sometimes the entire two page spread to tell my stories. I use a lot of words or just a few...but I always enjoy visiting those stories in my journal.

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