Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Creativity at Work: My Favorite things

I think it's important to have a work space that's inspiring. As a creative person I need to be surrounded by beauty.  I dress up all my environments with a bit of my personality.  My office is filled with clippings of color and cute supplies that make me happy.  Here's my list of my must have goodies at keep at work to bring beauty, fun and creativity to my life at work:

Martha Stewart Sticky Notes
I found these cool sticky notes at Office Max. They come in 3 pastel, yellow and green. They are great for making quick notes, to do lists and reminders. They are more fun than the plain square yellow sticky notes. The shape of the notes is really sweet.

Alexa Pulitzer and Papaya Paper Mouse Pads
I love these for making notes and to do lists also. There's a pretty big space to illustrate and diagram ideas. I usually make notes and keep adding throughout the day...then toss it when everything is completed. I've had these two pads for 2 years.

Pilot G-2 Pens
I love these pens. I buy 20+ at a time. They give off a smooth, dark,  thick, steady, stream of ink (love that!) They are my go to pens for all my notes. I've actually tossed out all my other pens so I never have to accidentally pick up something other than the pen I love!

Artful Blogging Magazine
I keep a copy of Artful Blogging Magazine at my desk. Work is so busy I almost never get to read it but from time to time I'll take a break for lunch by myself and read for a few minutes.  It's a bit of an escape and inspirational at the same time. I also cut out images and pin them to my walls to spruce up my office space.

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