Tuesday, September 18, 2012

A Day in the Life...Tahoe

I've been recovering from the flu for a few weeks and last weekend was the first weekend I felt like I was back to myself again. I decided to take a trip to Lake Tahoe with friends and relax. The weekend was beautiful, the sun was shining, the skies where clear blue, the air was cold and crisp at night. It was lovely to camp out at night, sit by the fire and roasted marshmallow peeps.  (Yes... I said Peeps.)  I bought some halloween ghost peeps at the drug store and decided to try roasting them over the fire. It was my camping experiment and they were DELICIOUS. The sugar on the outside carmelizes like candy and gets really crunchy.

In the daytime we took long bike rides through the forest and by the lake. We had lunch in a garden gazebo. It was lovely. I even got a chance to take photos of the views.  I managed to take photos of everything I found inspiring and beautiful.I saw beautiful textures and vibrant colors.. It was fun to just snap away with out any cares in the world.  I know I will be using some of these images in my journals. Its good to have a variety of images to provide inspiration in my art work and its good to get out in nature to experience inspiration.

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