Saturday, November 24, 2012

Art Journal Images: Great Android Apps for Image Editing

I'm always on the look out for great images to use in my art journal. I take my camera almost everywhere with me and I can take 100+ photos in a week (the joy of digital photography). I snap photos all the time with
my camera or my phone. 

I've been known to collect  300+ images, sit down on a weekend, choose the best ones to use and edit them in  photoshop or illustrator. Over time this has become a lengthy and time consuming process.

Like all creative processes, this process was due for a change. Recently I found a photo editing applications that I could use right from my android phone or with my home computer.  This really cuts down on my post-processing time and it lets me focus on how I will use the images in my journal.

Here are the best one's I've found so far:

This one has lots of filters and frames. I used the free version with my phone and my home computer. I combined a few of the filters to create the image of my dog dexter above,

Paper Camera
 This is an application for your android phone. It makes images look like comic this!

This is just like photoshop but its online. This has been great for some advanced editing.


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