Thursday, March 21, 2013

Art Supply Haul: Mod Podge and PITT pens

Art Supply Haul

I cannot resist a great deal on art supplies. I am obsessed with great pens and glue. These are some supplies I found in my local Marshalls. I got some glitter and fabric Mod Podge. I've never tried these items but I will now that I found them for $2 each at the store. I also found these Faber Castell pens in a natural and yellow palette. I love these pens because they are heavily pigmented and waterproof. I can use them with watercolors. These pens always go in my travel art bag. 

I can't wait to give these items a try in my journal.


  1. What an awesome find! I've found some cool art supplies at TJ Max before! I'll have to check Marshall's out now. I saw your pages in the Art Journaling magazine.

  2. Ashley...I'll need to check TJ Maxx too. I Love a good art bargain. Thanks for visiting.


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