Sunday, March 3, 2013

Artist Dates: Visiting the Golden Belt Artist Studios

We took in a great day of art and creativity at the Golden Belt Artist Studios.  The Golden Belt is an artist live work community that is home to over 35 artists.  Since my dad was one of the original artists from the Torpedo Factory ( a similar artist studio space) I thought he and my mom would love to visit. It was the highlight of my trip.  There was inspiration at every turn.  The Golden Belt has painters, jewerly makers, and photographers.

 It was a great opportunity to meet artists up close... like Madelyn Smoak.  Madelyn creates amazing crowns and jewelry using vintage pieces and bits of found objects.  I was so inspired to see her in her process. She was creating this  really amazing necklace from vintage jewelry pieces and tin soldiers.  She explained how she lays out her necklaces on a board to see how everything looks before she puts everything together. She might even let a piece "breathe" over night before she puts together the final piece.  

It inspired me to consider giving my pieces time to form and maybe even breathe over night  before considering it completed.

So I learned something from Madelyn Smoak.
 Give your art time to "breathe"
and be open to new inspiration the next morning.

There may be more creativity that comes with that additional bit of space and patience. 


  1. "Give your art time to "breathe"
    and be open to new inspiration the next morning."

    Ooh...I like that thought. Pretty deep.

  2. I know right? It really resonated with me too. Thanks for responding.


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