Friday, April 12, 2013

Loving the process and never letting anything go to waste...

This is a page from my journal. I collect lots of scraps and images.  I have drawers full of this and that.  Every once and a while I feel the need to purge...but I don't throw it away. I use it. I use a bunch of it up all at once.

What am I waiting on anyway?

I even use the images on my inspiration board that have lost its sparkle and magic. The images don't make my heart sing like they used to, but they are too special to toss in the bin. So, from time to time I remove them from the board and  add them to my journal. The image on the right is an image that was on my inspiration board for years. It was to remind me to spend more time in nature...
I did and
I do
and it was time to add it to my journal to make room on the board for something new.

On the left side of my journal page, I used bits of wax paper I wiped paint on during a previous journaling session. I was about to toss it out when I saw so much beauty in the colors that I let it dry and used it to collage a page in my journal.  I added more and more layers of images, text , gesso and stamps.

I love the richness of layers.
I love the unpredictability.
I love that the more you stop trying to make it into something
it becomes something amazing

I love that ...
I love my page..
then hate my page and want to give up...
then love my page into being
until there is peace and joy there.

That's when I know to stop and
move to another page.


  1. I saw this on pinterest and and to come by to have a look.. love your style.


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