Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Juicy Soul Retreat

The Juicy Soul Retreat was so much fun. One of the things I love about journaling is the freedom to swing out and play. Some of my best techniques have come for experimenting in my journal. The Juicy Soul Retreat is a group event where we all create in our journals and experiment together.
Andrea and I guide our group through the process but there is a point where everyone lets go and some amazing things get created.
Every Retreat we give out goodie bags of art supplies and little surprising bits to use in their journals.

The first half of the day was experimenting with 9 Journaling Techniques for creating juicy backgrounds. Everyone had a chance to try them out on big pieces of paper and we rotated around the room working on each others pages. In the end we all had great backgrounds to use in our journals in the future.

Lots and lots a yummy supplies.

We all need a little snack from time to time to keep the creative juices flowing.

Our Next Juicy Soul Retreat is July 28, 2013

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