Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Art of the Beautiful "No"

I have seen beautiful art with the word "YES" in big, bold, colorful calligraphy.   It always reminds me to say "Yes" to life, opportunities and abundance.   It's a reminder to invite all that is true, positive and divinely ordained into my life.  But what about "No".  What about what I'm not going to stand for in my life? What about saying "No" to make room for what is really important?  Where is the beautiful "No"?

I've never seen anything like a beautiful "No" so I made one to remind me that a "No"  can be graceful and beautiful.

Here's my list of graceful "No" statements:
  • No
  • No Thank you
  • No, Not this time
  • No, that doesn't work for me
  • No, I have another commitment (commitments to myself count)



  1. Love this! I've once heard it said, "We say no to things so that we can say yes to others."

    1. That is so true. Thanks for sharing that.


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