Sunday, July 14, 2013

Art Studio: My studio is filled with things that bring me joy and peace

I love late summer. 
The lighting on my patio is perfect for painting in the early evening.
I've dedicated a portion of my patio to my easile, paints and brushes
My studio is a peaceful
place among the trees.

Everywhere I look I see little reminders of the things that bring me joy and peace...
  • The Buddha I got in Oakland at a Zen garden shop. I remember when I bought him, I wanted to get him home safely so I put a seat belt on him.
  • The tiny metal Buddha my big Buddha is holding. A gift from a good friend I adore.

  •  The lush green succulent jade plants that where once
    2 small pots and now has grown into 6 big beautiful bushes.
  • There are the big beautiful paint brushes I purchased in Amsterdam. They where my first really "good" brushes and I cherish them.

  • There is a funky metalic pink Hoola Hoop I got online at Hoopnotica.  I wanted to be one of those girls that could do hoola hoop tricks. After knocking down several things in my house practicing...the hoola hoop has retired to the patio until I
    get brave enough to practice in public.

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