Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekly Journals

juicy soul retreat july 2013

This is my weekly journal page for the week. I wasn't thinking so much about capturing the events of each day as much as I was focused on my general mood for the week.  

The theme was " happiness". 
  • Baby George was born
  • I watched the movie "Happy" about the scientific
    study of happiness in human beings. (Really interesting)
  • I taught the Juicy Soul Retreat with my good friend Andrea.
    Great fun and lots of happiness!

Something funny I want to share...Dexter got into my washi tape collection and ripped up a roll of tartan tape. Those rough edges on the tartan tape in my journal, are really little Dexter teeth marks. Makes me laugh every time I see this page.

Just to give you a point a reference, this is where I started earlier this week. It took layers and layers to get to my final look.

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