Sunday, August 25, 2013

Art Studio Snapshots

This weekend I rolled up my sleeves and tackled my studio space. My art projects started to migrate from my studio desk to the dining room table and that is a no no for me. Things had gotten so bad I had a hard time finding supplies I needed in the studio. I even noticed that when I had quiet time to myself, I would leave the house instead of using the time to do some creative work. I just felt overwhelmed in my studio, which drained me of the create spark that makes journaling so fun for me. 

I have an Art Studio Style Pinterest board to give me inspiration on how I want my studio to look.  I'm clearly drawn to studio spaces that are clear and organized. I love beautiful storage and simplicity. The visual noise of the clutter is distracting and leaves me feeling drained. 

This weekend I spent a few hours at night clearing my desk.  I listened to Alejandra's Home Organizing Tips on YouTube. She is so excited about organizing I get excited just listening to her.  I let go of a lot of scraps I was saving. I immediately glued any bits I loved directly into my journal. It was a great way to start a new background. I tossed, stacked and cleaned until well into the night. 

In the morning I got up to look at the desk in the morning light. There was a honey colored glow to the room and for the first time I realized all that clutter was blocking out natural light. I was so inspired to create right then and there. I took photos of my desk and made new pages for my weekly journal. I had so much fun.

By then end of the weekend I was inspired to create some beautiful storage. I saw a photo of artist Wendy Addison's Studio  on Pinterest and I was inspired by her cigar box storage solutions. I love the way the boxes look and how they hold a good number of items and can be labeled for easy identification.

So now I have a clear desk with lots of room to create. I have already created 3 new journal pages and I started this week's weekly journal. It was so nice to create pages again.

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