Saturday, August 17, 2013

Happy Birthday to MEEEE!

It's my birthday weekend!

I know there are people out there that don't like celebrating their birthday. I've met them and I just don't get it because I LOVE my birthday.  It's like my own personal New Year's celebration. It's cheerful and magical. Today a red dragonfly few in to the nail spa where I was getting my manicure and pedicure. That has to be a sigh from the universe just for me. :)

 I often celebrate with both long time friends and complete strangers. Today I went to Sephora to get my annual FREE gift (it's different every year). I confirmed with the sales lady by asking her if they were still offering the program where I got a gift from Sephora for my birthday and she responded "heck, yeah!" then she did a little dance in the store and we laughed. I even met a little boy, on our walk to dinner, who over heard us talking about my birthday. He asked "Is it your birthday today?" I said "Yes" and he responded "Wow, It's my birthday too!" and he high fived me and posed with me for a photo. Cutest thing ever! The biggest surprise was hearing my entire team at work sing "Happy Birthday" at the beginning of our team meeting. 

  My birthday makes me feel like a rock star. 
Maybe that's why I love it so much

In the next few days, I will be spending my days and evenings celebrating with all the people I love, in as many ways as possible. Any opportunity to blow out the candles on a little cake and ice cream....well, I'm all over that. 

Count me in for 
happy birthday sing-a-longs 
high fives, and

 I embrace every moment of my birthday.


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