Thursday, September 12, 2013

Weekly Journal

I'm back in my weekly journal. This week I found an image of a woman that really inspired me...I found her in the pages of a Nordstom catalog. I love using images of models from fashion magazines and shopping catalogs  in my work.  I'm always attracted to faces with unusual expressions or really interesting features. There was something deep and thought provoking in her expression that attracted me to use her in my journal this week. 

Maybe its because I'm still enjoying the buzz of being in paradise for a week
with friends I have known for most of my life. 

Maybe because I realized how important vacations are to my heart, mind and spirit. 

 I feel like the vacation changed something deep within me. The humility, the laughter, the dancing, dressing up every night... I feel more like myself than ever before.

My journal page this week doesn't have words yet. But if I were to add words it would be words of gratitude and a celebration of returning back to myself.

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