Sunday, October 13, 2013

Juicy Soul Retreat : 8 Days and Counting...

It's the count down to Juicy Soul Retreat at A Work of Heart Studio. I've been thinking about the class this week and starting the process of getting organized. I've made lots of little notes to myself and I've been collecting all kinds of yummy things to put in the goodie bags.

Each participant in the class gets a little bag of goodies to use in thier journals. Each class has slightly different items in the goodie bags.   I like the goodie bags to have unusual items that the class can use in new ways in their journals. Odds and ends are a pretty big part of my journaling process. A letter, color, texture, material, or shape will often spark my creative process. I want that for everyone in the class. I want everyone to have a chance to look at items in their bag and say "what is this?" or "I've never used this before?" That little bit of discover opens new channels for creativity.  So this session I will be including vintage letters in the bags and other really cool items.


  1. Can't wait for Sunday to see what cool goodies you bring. I'll be creating collage sheets with full color copies of some great letters as well. Fun times await!

    1. I'm really jazzed about expanding on how to create a traveling studio and creating a weekly journal. I've learned so much by creating a way for me to journal easily and at regular intervals. Can't wait to see you and our peeps for the class.


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