Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Dexter trip to see Santa


We have an annual tradition of taking Dexter to see Santa at the local Pet Smart. It's alot of fun seeing his reaction and meeting all the other pet families that are there with their animals. Before I became a pet parent I would turn my nose up at people that do this type of thing but once you enter the world of pet ownership all bets are off!  So we are those people who dress our dog up, kiss him on the lips and take him to see Santa. 

This year Dexter was not interested in seeing Santa, he wanted to play with the other dogs waiting in line. So each time we put him on Santa's lap he would punch him in the face, try to rip off his beard and make a run for the door.  (Santa was not hurt in the process)

Santa was a good sport and we all laughed until we cried. So these are some of the better photos of Dexter's trip to see Santa and 
I hope they capture the spirit of our spirited little pup!

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