Monday, March 23, 2015

Weekly Art Journal - March 15 -21

I returned to something I love...creating mini stories from old book pages. It's fun to pull a random page from an old book and piece together words to create a new story. I find that the story may not make sense at the time but as the week unfolds I discover their meaning.

My brother is doing such a great job of looking after my parents. This mini story reminded me of how much I appreciate what he's doing for our parents and the family. He is such a loving and generous spirit. Words can not express how much I truly love and appreciate him.

This week one of my dearest friends and her family will be moving to Southern California. Our friendship has grown over the years and I've made even more friends through her network of friends. We have grown from friends to a group of friends to family in only a few short years. 

I met with a group from a seminar I took this year. The seminar is over but we had so much fun together we committed to meeting each month for dinner to catch up, show up, tell the truth and inspire each other. This month we met for Chinese food at a local restaurant.

"Self Expression is that thing that let's you know
that people have experienced you.
It's not so much that "I did it my way". 
It's that you've been experienced by other people. 
You've touched them and they have touched you. "

~ Warner Erhard

Here is the starting point for my weekly journal this week. 
I start with an existing page then add just enough color and texture to inspire me. 
The butterfly wing was there already from an image transfer demonstration 

Next I add the Month, Date and Days of the week.

I found "March" in W magazine table of contents.
(Magazines and old calendars are great places to find month and days)

I also add the dates and 
let the inspiration, color and creativity flow
during the week.

Happy Journaling!

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