Sunday, March 15, 2015

Weekly Art Journal - March 8 -14

Beginning of the week
End of the week

I want to share something with you ... 
I don't art journal all the time.
I teach classes in journaling 
I collect tons of art supplies
I have journals with blank pages
and sometimes I don't journal. least not all the time.

I share that because some of you love journaling
but don't journal as much as you like
and you might feel like something is wrong with that.

I recently noticed that my weekly art journal had 
 fallen off my priority list. 

Big time! 

I couldn't even remember where I placed my journal!
I felt guilty and I tried to make up for lost time
 by journaling all the weeks I missed

It was too much!

I was stressing myself out for no reason.
So I took a breath
Talked it over with my art sista Andrea.
and found a new way to begin again.

So today is the beginning of my weekly journaling practice.
It's simple. 

I'll created my journal layout for the week 
and I posted a photo of the same page 
at the end of the week to show the progress.

This week was amazingly inspiring. I had some amazing conversations
with people in my life. I got to support family and share my wisdom. 
I took time in my journal in little bits of time to return to 
my practice.
my meditation.
my Journal!

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