Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Weekly Art Journal - May 18 - 24

This week was all about SHINING! I have great opportunities to shine at work and with my art and I need to take advantage of those opportunities as they come. I have so many passions that I am inspired to express and I'm so grateful that I have lots of ways to express them.  

I've been waking up early each morning to create in my journal. 
For the past few weeks I've been waking up early in the morning to sit in my studio and journal until the sun comes up. 

It's my Sadhana

It's is making all the difference in the world as to how my day unfolds. 
Each week is an amazing adventure. 

This week I had a few medical appointments that went really well because I made some conscious decisions earlier in the year.  I didn't like going to my old dentist so I took steps to find a new one this year, it was the best decision ever!  

When things don't work for me I usually try to work it out through communication...asking for what I want, negotiate something new, bringing awareness to something to bring about change. 

But sometimes even with all that, things don't change 
and it's time to move on.

But to tell you the truth...
I don't like to move on 
I like to keep at something until it changes 
but that leaves me soooo frustrated. 
and frustration dulls my SHINE.

So this week I look on doing things that make me SHINE 
and letting go of things I've been trying to fix or change...
and move on.

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