Monday, May 4, 2015

Weekly Art Journal : April 27 - May 3

Living in my journal kept me completely centered during the week. 
Lots of family interactions and emotions happening.
It was a joy to return every evening to my journal.
Sometimes I just added color and other times words. 
I made shapes and followed with color.

When I look at this page I think of how much I LOVE my brothers. 
They are geniuses and they are my inspiration. 
In some ways I always see my brothers as the little boys 
that ran around wrestling in the living room and riding BMX bikes
down the sidewalk. 

They are men now ...with rich lives and families.
It's a joy to experience the men they are and 
to know that no matter where I go in life
there are always two guys
that know me better than anyone
on the planet! 

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