Sunday, February 8, 2009

Miracles Happen everyday!

I have been packing my things for class today and thinking about how inspired I am to share and lead workshops in creative expression. It became so real to me last night why I love to lead workshops... my friend Dianna spent the night at my house after a night of dinner and salsa dancing with friends. We stayed up for a few hours re-living the night and laughing. Then we started to talk about miracles and how the universe provides for everything we need. I shared story after story about things that have happened, people showing up with solutions when I needed it, things unfolding perfectly despite appearances.

As I shared and she shared her stories...We got so happy and inspired. The stories kept coming. We had to stop so we could get some rest...but the energy was so electric I could hardly sleep.

Out of all that I understand why I lead creative expression workshops... I lead because I know I can have what I want and I want everyone to know that for themselves. My workshops are about creating the space to get clear about what you want and then support you in having the faith to hang on until it shows up...being flexible that what shows up may be better than you have expected.

Having faith, particularly around things I've never had before, can be a challenge to maintain. Over time my faith (not religion...but a strong belief that the universe will provide) comes from my experiences of everyday miracles. Everyday a miracle happens things work out for the better. I have learned to see them.

Today we went to breakfast in a busy part of town. My friends car is BIG so I thought parking would be really hard. When we got there as soon as we turned the corner there was a huge parking space right across the street from the cafe. It was on an end so she didn't have to parallel park. It was shaded so the car stayed cool. I say that was a miracle. It worked out better than I could ever plan. I would have been satisfied with a parking in a parking lot ... but the universe had a bigger plan.

My next workshop is
SUNDAY, February 8th 12:30 - 2:30
Creative Vision Boards: Create Your Best Year - Career/Prosperity

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