Monday, July 26, 2010

I Write Like...

I love to write and my writing style has developed over the years. Years ago I would agonize over my writing style. Afraid it wasn't proper or creative or descriptive enough. I wanted it to be flowering and magical. But I soon learned that's not my style.  At some point I accepted that my writing style is my own and its perfect the way it is. I write like I talk and some people like it and others don't. That's OK.  When I write from my heart its the most freeing thing for me to experience. So one day I stopped trying to get it right and decided to just share. I started to share from my heart in my matter how it came out. There was a freedom. I accepted that my writing is more like a written conversation with my reader and not a proper written document. I have found peace with it all...even my hand writing. (I write like I talk too. :) )

Today I came across a site that allows you to cut and paste your writing in a box and they quickly analyze your writing. The result is that they tell you when your writing style is similar to a famous authors writing style. Its pretty cool. I'm not sure how accurate it is...but its fun to know that my writing in all of my perceived reservations about it is similar to several famous writers. I feel like I am in good company and it inspires me to write even more.

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