Sunday, July 17, 2011

Vision Board Stories: Julie

Here is my most recent manifestation from my Vision Board. As I shared in my vision board class, images are powerful tools for manifesting our desires.  If we set the intention with images or words we must also be ready to take the actions as they come until the dream is realized...

In January 2011 I put an image on my Vision Board of a smiling woman with naturally curly hair. I have always wanted naturally curly hair.  I started having my hair straightened from the time I was 7 years old until about 5 years ago. (a long time) I never thought I had curly hair until I decided to find out what my "real" hair looked like over 10 years ago. For a short period of time I stopped straightening my hair. My hair grew into an unruly frizz ball and I returned to straightening my hair.

So I set my intention in January 2011 to take my hair on again and learn how to manage and style it. July I met a woman at an event with the most beautiful curly hair. I asked her about her hair and she gave me the name of a salon in San Francisco,CA ( that taught her how to manage her naturally curly hair. The salon specializes in naturally curly hair. They offer product recommendations and prepare a plan of action to restore your curls. I made an appointment and today I am rockin' the curls I always wanted. They are more like waves now but my stylist gave me a plan and each day some new curl forms. It may take 6 months for the full curl pattern to return but I'm on my way. 

Set and intention, take the actions and don't give up. :)


  1. Lovin the curlz Julie! Keep it up girlfriend, you are in inspiration with your manifestations. Can't wait to do one next weekend.

  2. Thanks Andrea...This is something I almost gave up on. Creating the vision and putting it on my board helped me keep it in the front of my mind. I almost forgot it was on my board. That image was burned in my mind and I found myself naturally gravitating toward many of the things on my board. Its amazing how graceful and fluid the process has been. I can't wait to see you sunday.


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