Thursday, July 14, 2011

Creative Resolution Story: Marie

Marie's 2011 Creative Resolution

"Explore new techniques...
Deeper into techniques...Business opportunities...The world around me."

What's happened since you made your creative resolution in January 2011?

Explore, has helped focus my artistic energies as well as actively search for ways to make my art pay. More in-depth exploration has been in screen printing and layering design.

I traveled to Virginia and South Carolina where I renewed friendships and further explored Charleston, SC and Ashville, NC.

How has your creative resolution evolved since you made your declaration?

It hasn't changed. I needed a focus and I seem to have chosen wisely.

What have you learned about yourself?

I have always needed focus to stick to a plan. This hasn't changed.

What's next for your creative journey?

I have some ideas about where to submit teaching proposals and will pursue that. Since the screen printing offered lots of variety of design and mark making, I want to do more as well as use some of my work in art quilts. 

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