Saturday, October 8, 2011

Art Supply Haul: Diaso


If you have attended any of our Juicy Soul Retreats you might have heard us mention our favorite store for art supplies.. DIASO. It's a Japanese dollar store and they carry lots of fun things including art supplies. A few weeks ago I went to one of their largest locations in the area near San Francisco and purchased a basket full of fun things.

Here's what I got and how I plan on using it...

Plastic Lace Place Mat
I found this amazing plastic lace place mat (green) that I use to spray through with watered down acrylic paint for pattern on my journal pages. Spray inks work great with this too. Some of the ink gets captured on the plastic so I used the run of on other pages. The pattern looks great. I show some pictures later.

Liquid Chalk Pens
The big pens in the middle are liquid chalk pens which are great for creating lettering on dark painted backgrounds. These need to be covered with a gel medium after it drys to set the ink. If I don't cover it with something clear the chalk flakes and moves around. That actually might be fun to play with and see what happens.

Acrylic Paint
I found a variety of acrylic paints to cover my journal pages. They came in some amazing colors...very rich and vivid. When I use them more I'll show you some results.

Mini Index Cards
I found this mini index cards they are the exact size of business cards. I had this idea of using them to write on and slip into envelops in my journal. They might also be fun to create one of a kind business cards.

I found a few You Tube videos about art supply hauls. Its fun to see what other people find and use in their art.

Thrift Store Art Haul  Video

Art & Crafts Supply Haul Video

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