Sunday, December 11, 2011

Art Storage Tip

This year I spent much of my creative time in my BIG Juicy Journal. I realized that I needed a quick and easy way to create on the I found these plastic photo boxes from Micheal's. I purchased 2 boxes (If you want to try this watch for the 50% off coupons). I have one that holds 10 mini plastic boxes and one that holds 16 mini plastic boxes for groups of art supplies. I filled separate boxes with images, pens, little scissors, 2 stamp pads, stamps, tapes, etc.  and labeled them with my favorite label maker the Brother PT-65. Now when I'm ready to create on the go I just switch out boxes to give me all the supplies I need.


  1. love love love these boxes. I got mine at costco after you introduced me to them. They sort and store my jewelry supply stash beautifully

  2. I'm so glad you love those boxes as much as I do. I searched for years for the perfect setup. I just started adding labels to the mini boxes and its really helped to streamline things.


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