Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Creative Intention 2012: Julie's Update

My Creative Intention for 2012
I will inspire others to expand their creativity! I would like to expand my reach to share my creative process with artists all over the world. My big goal is to be a featured artist in my favorite Somerset Studios magazines. I would also like to design a creative journaling line of products based on some of the tools I use in my journal projects."


 When I set an intention its like things just start to line up. People show up with ideas and clues to support me on my path. Over the years I have learned to pay particular attention to repetitive patterns. One pattern I kept seeing was a piece of art work. I saw the same piece of art at Whole Foods, on products in clothing stores, on journals in book stores and today I saw the art work in my favorite art magazine. Today I discovered the name of the artist....Flora Bowley and her work is amazing.  Not only is her art work powerful but her creative process is pure bliss. 

She creates in a way that is similar to my creative process but I have never been able to articulate it.  As I learned more and more about her process I felt like I had a soul sister out there.  I also felt a profound sense of calm and inspiration to move deeper into my work. I stayed up late into the night creating and woke up early this morning to continue to create. There are lots of ideas, subjects and styles bubbling up.  I feel like I'm on the verge of something to submit to share in my workshops, submit to Somerset Studios and maybe I'll be brave enough to traveling to England to take a class with Flora in Somerset England. 

My intention is in motion and its a wonderful and exciting feeling.

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