Thursday, March 29, 2012

Journal Topics: Remembering Brazil

When I was 7 years old my family moved to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. I learned to speak Portuguese by watching Sesame Street (called Vila Sesimo) and Flipper (dubbed in Portuguese). My experiences in Brazil show up alot in my journal. This week I remembered Vila Sesimo and the songs we used to sing and how I learned the language so quickly.  I remembered playing with neighborhood kids. I would help my parents with translations and I started to dream in Portugues. I've long since forgotten the language but I understand bits and pieces of words. I have a few phrases I can say and when I say them to native speakers they tell me my accent is pretty good. So part of what we learn, never really leaves us. Brazil was a life changing experience and there are many happy memories to share in my journal.

What have you learned early in life that has never left you?

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