Saturday, March 30, 2013

Big Juicy Journal Pages: A Little Bit of Faith

Here's one of the pages from My Big Juicy Journal. 
I didn't use any paint brushes for this. I was playing with the technique of scrapping on paint with an old gift card. 
 I dipped my card in paint, 
scraped paint on the page
, added water, 
scraped again, 
added another paint color, 
scraped again.. 
and so on.

The heart is cut out from another journal page from the same journal. This is something I do with pages I don't like. I cover them up or rip it out to use on another page.  The great thing about   My Big Juicy Journal is that there are sooooo many pages.

The lettering is cut out from magazines. That's one of the things I do from time to time is to cut out letters and put them in a tackle box by letter. 
When I'm ready I pull the letters I need to make a word.

The wings I found in a book from one of my  flea market trips.

I was working on another project and accidentally dropped glitter on this page. I cheered "happy accident" and added more glitter around the heart. It doesn't show in the photo but there is glitter all around the heart.

So there you have it ...a page from  My Big Juicy Journal.

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